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Tariq is one of our native Trinidadian artist at Body Art Caribbean. When tattooing, he prefers working on detailed black and grey pieces that challenge his artistic capabilities. He sees each client who sits in his chair as an individual, looking at the unique experience he can provide. Tariq specializes in creating beautiful tattoos for all skin tones that withstand the test of time. He is also a master at restoring and covering up old and bad tattoos. He’s meticulous in his craft and focuses on tying every design together with a precise finish



Natalia is our resident piercing artist, working on both everyday walk-in piercings as well as more private procedures. She prides herself on her precise approach to piercing, giving clients an incredible experience each time they visit. She is very open to clients following up with her to ensure they’re caring for their piercing during the healing period. Natalia loves working on extensive murals and canvas paintings in her spare time.



Cesar has brought his incredible talent with him from the day he stepped into the shop. He’s quickly established his reputation as a neat, precise artist working on both colored, black and grey tattoos and portraits. He gathers a client’s plan for their tattoo and then brings it to life in a way they never dreamed possible. In addition to tattooing, Cesar is passionate about painting canvas art as well as large-scale murals.



Jesùs is unique and multi-talented family man. He originally came to Trinidad from Venezuela five years ago and has been coming back ever since. Jesùs creates bright and brilliant colored pieces that stand out and make a statement, without sacrificing his roots in black and grey. He likes taking the ideas a client brings in and adds his finishing touches to the design that they will love for the years to come.



Leanna is both a piercing artist and our shop manager, making sure things run smoothly at the shop in between her client appointments. She studied psychology in school but her passion for and fascination with tattooing led her to Body Art Caribbean. Her detailed approach to running the shop carries over into her pinpoint methods of piercing. In addition to working at Body Art Caribbean, Leanna also channels her love for animals into running her own pet sitting business on the side.



Sofy came from Venezuela last year to tattoo with the team at Body Art Caribbean. She’s a strong, dedicated artist determined to provide a memorable experience for each client. She takes her time to sit and plan each design she works on, insisting on creating only the best work for those she tattoos. Sofy loves working on intricate Eastern-style art, especially manda-las and other detailed line work pieces.



Carlos is our Studio Manager, overseeing all day-to-day operations as well as the administrative side of Body Art Caribbean. No studio is complete without a dedicated Studio Manager and Carlos always goes beyond to ensure our clients have a positive experience every time. Although he’s an architect by trade, his love for tattoos brought him into running Body Art Caribbean. From scheduling to payment, he creates a smooth and seamless process for each person who steps into the studio.



Robert is the dedicated owner and marketing manager of Body Art Caribbean. He wants to foster an artistic, safe, and fun environment for every person looking to get a tattoo or piercing. He channels his 20 years of experience in business management and marketing into bringing the studio to life.

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