The Body Art Caribbean Story

Body Art Caribbean drawn with a ballpoint pen on vellum

Body Art Caribbean is Trinidad and Tobago’s premier tattoo studio, adorning Ariapita Ave. with detail and excellence since 2008. Our incredible team offers an individual, unique and friendly experience as they walk through our door. Whether you’re walking in for the first time or returning to add more to an existing piece, check us out.

We started in 2006 determined to decorate Trinidad with beautiful, breathtaking artwork. What began as a small but dedicated group of painters expanded into the incredible team we have today. From tattoos and piercings to sneaker art and immense wall murals, our artists create incredible works of art that everyone can admire. Our talented artists traveled through the Caribbean working with dozens of different brands like Converse, Jansport, Carib, Digicel, and Bmobile.

For Trinidad Carnival, our artists’ craft and body paint intricate designs on masqueraders for over 14 years. These unique designs and airbrush skin tones are used to enhance your carnival experience and comfort on the road.

Our artists have come from Trinidad and Venezuela, the United States, Sweden, Germany and beyond. They have all taken up residence in our studio at one time or another. We consider every detail to offer a safe and sterile environment for artists and clients alike.

We’re dedicated to providing a safe environment for every person who wants to visit. We have over six artists and four staff members; with three female artists on staff, both tattoo artists and piercers. Our diverse background provides every client a home at Body Art Caribbean.