Body Art Caribbean has the only exclusive private piercing studio in Trinidad & Tobago. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, our full time piercer and staff will guarantee you a safe, clean and sterile piercing experience with full aftercare support.

We provide privacy during the piercing process as our space is exclusive for piercings only.

All piercings are done with sterile disposable needles and include your choice of surgical steel jewelry

Piercing Prices – includes free Initial Aftercare services for a month:

  • Ear Cartilage – $300 per part of the ear (helix, tragus, rook etc)
  • Ear Lobes – $300 for a pair, $200 for 1
  • Navel/Nose/Eyebrow – $250 each
  • Nose Septum – $300
  • Industrial (2 ear cartilage) – $400
  • Tongue/Snake Eyes/Bites/Monroe/Surface Tongue – $300 each
  • Nipples – $300 per nipple
  • Vaginal – $500
  • Surface Skin Bars – $300

Piercing health and wellness services

  • Clean piercing and jewelry $60 to stop bumps and any inflammation
  • Put in replacement jewelry – $60 and up
  • Change ring $40
  • Specially formulated aftercare solution package for $100 – includes natural sea salt and a healing oil
Initial Aftercare services
  • Replace any balls or faulty jewelry with new ones
  • Replace ring with new size if piercing is not fitting well
  • Free cleaning and studio care appointment
  • Free sample bag of natural seasalt
  • Full online support from studio management and piercing artist to deal with any issues

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